Clash of the Quarterbacks: Pair of elite quarterbacks to meet in Lake Travis, The Woodlands showdown

By Joshua Koch

HOUSTON – Dissecting a quarterbacks success in a season comes down to a couple of numbers – wins, completion percentage and touchdowns to interceptions ratio.

When comparing quarterbacks heading into a game, one would take those same numbers place them side by side and see, on paper at least, which gunslinger has the upper-hand.

Comparing the two men going under center on Saturday in the 6A Division I State Championship game between No. 3 Lake Travis and No. 4 The Woodlands there aren’t many differences.

Charlie Brewer, a senior at Lake Travis, a SMU commit, 50 touchdowns, two interceptions and completing 77.9 percent of his passes.

“Charlie, he’s running the show,” Lake Travis coach Hank Carter said. “He’s the puppet master. He’s done a great job. Extremely accurate, obviously, but a lot of that completion percentage means guys are catching the ball … Charlie’s our leader on offense, he’s had a great season and hopefully he can end it with a championship.”

The biggest difference for Brewer this season compared to last, Carter said is his knowledge of the offense and confidence on the field.

Confidence in his wide receiving corps has been one of the other big keys and them consistently making catches has Brewer in some rare company.

Brewer enters Saturday’s game with a 77.9 completion percentage (236X303) for the season. If he finishes the year about 75.2 percent for the year he will break the national record for completion percentage in a season, with at least 275 pass attempts, according to National Federation of State High School Associations record book.

Dano Graves of Folsom, Califonia holds the record from 2009, which he broke the previous record of Tim Couch.

Of course the ultimate goal for Saturday night is to be the last one standing and lifting the trophy, but Carter said this would be a nice final check to Brewer’s high school career.

“That would be a really neat distinction,” he said. “That would be a feather in his cap. Probably not the No. 1 thing on our mind for Saturday but nice icing on the cake if we get the win.”

Eric Schmid, a senior at The Woodlands, a Sam Houston State commit, 44 touchdowns, two interceptions and completing 70 percent of his passes.

“He’s had a tremendous season,” The Woodlands coach Mark Schmid said. “It seems like as we were progressing game by game he was performing better and playing with more and more confidence.

“Each week we put more and more on his plate. His role grew as decision maker, play caller and we’ve gotten to the point where we are now where he’s pretty much in control of our offense. Has the ability to change things that he sees.”

When people speak to Mark about his son Eric about his numbers, he said the one that many go to first is his touchdown to interception ratio.

Taking care of the football is something he as instilled in Eric since he was young, Mark said, joking that he brainwashed him about the importance of protecting the football.

The coaching at home and on the field has seemed to work.

“He’s really taken care of the ball,” Mark said. “He hasn’t forced bad balls, that speaks volumes with the job he’s been able to do.”

The numbers for a pair of quarterbacks who have led their respective teams to 15-0 records and a berth in the state championship game are eerily similar and everyone sees it, even the coaches.

“Charlie is extremely accurate and he’s over 75 percent completions this year and he takes care of the football too,” Mark said. “He doesn’t appear to be forcing any bad balls. He’s athletic enough to extend plays and buy time to make the throws he needs to. There’s a lot of similarities when you look at the both of them.”

“He reminds me a lot of Charlie,” Carter said. “They probably use him a little bit more in their called running game than we do. But he’s an excellent player, great feet, quick delivery, very accurate and throws the deep ball extremely well. The biggest thing with him is his decision making and the way he can extend plays with his feet. That’s what comes across to me on film. He’s got some nice weapons around him as well, a nice offensive line, he’s a heck of a player.”

Entering Saturday’s showdown, Brewer and Eric have combined for 94 touchdowns, four interceptions and completed 74 percent of their passes for 7,036 yards.

Lake Travis and The Woodlands clash on Saturday inside AT&T Stadium with kickoff slated for 8 p.m.

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