Aaron Glenn gives back to youth through annual football camp

Seeing the game of football evolving is something Aaron Glenn enjoys being a part of, especially with today’s youth.

The 15-year NFL veteran, who coaches the secondary for the New Orleans Saints, plays a big role in continuing the mission of instilling leadership and proper football technique into children through his annual camp.

“To be able to invest back in our youth I think is something that most guys in my position want to do,” Glenn said. “I just like the fact that I’m able to. I’m a man of my word to do that and for everyone to see that. I don’t do it for show, I do it because I like it.”

The Texan Live Football Camp featuring Aaron Glenn for the past five years has given children wanting to learn the game of football a chance to do so with coaching from some that have played the game at the highest level.

With his staff of coaches, including his brother Jason Glenn, who played in the NFL for seven years and now serves as the defensive coordinator at Klein Oak, and former Texas A&M defensive star Jessie Cox, a three-day camp is held annually.

“I think it’s more fun than playing the game now because you get to see the light in their eyes,” Cox said. “Basically it makes you feel good because it brings youth back to yourself because you feel like you see what they went through and you’re able to appreciate it so much more now than when you were playing. It means a lot.”

For children ages 9-14, the annual camp gives them two days of training through drills designed by the coaches and then a final combine day, which includes running a 40-yard dash.

This past summer, the camp was held from June 23-25 at Texan Drive Stadium where more than 200 children showed up to participate in the camp.

“To be able to continue to get kids of this age, that’s why I love doing it 9-14, because you get them at that age where they can teach that stuff and give them proper fundamentals,” Glenn said. “So they can continue to have a good career, can continue having fun playing this game and see the good parts of playing this game.”

A few special guests showed up at this year’s camp, including former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver and current Houston Texans tight end Ryan Griffin to throw passes to the campers during drills.

With different stations set up around the field, Glenn would move from station to station pushing campers with encouraging words to perform their best. Seeing the transformation in the players in just three days of work, Glenn said is the biggest enjoyment a coach can get.
Growing up Glenn said he didn’t go to camps like the one he runs today but believes they are important to the future of the game. Safety is the biggest reason the camps are crucial, Glenn said and also to see the game continue to evolve and become better.

“I do it because it is my responsibility,” he said. “I do believe we are role models, former players, players and coaches, the youth look at what we do. To be able to talk to those guys and give them some wisdom and knowledge of what we’ve been through and be able to help them in whatever they want to do it’s important for me to do that.”

The Texan Live Football Camp featuring Aaron Glenn is held annually.

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