The Importance of School in a Student Athlete’s Success

Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s Jorvorskie Lane has been training at Athletic Republic in Atascocita to prepare for his season in the NFL. Lane, originally from Lufkin, played for Texas A&M University where he got his nickname the J-Train. Currently residing in Kingwood, Lane will start his 4th NFL season as a fullback for the Buccaneers.

Lane faced many challenges in his high school career, both in football and academically, that he had to overcome in order to succeed. While Lane never endured a serious injury, he learned how to play through pain.

“Football is really the easy part,” said Lane.

School, however, proved to be much more difficult for Lane.

“It took me three times to pass [science],” said Lane.

There were many obstacles in Lane’s way, but with the support from others and big dreams to fulfill, Lane overcame his challenges and found a way to succeed.

“I had a lot of people at the time that were pushing me to go to A&M,” said Lane. “I wanted to go to college so I kind of used that as fuel.”

Although high school provides many distractions, Lane was able to stay focused on his football career.

“Playing on TV, that was my biggest motivation,” said Lane.

Lane set big goals for himself, and through hard work, he reached those goals. Encouragement from his coaches and teachers also aided Lane in accomplishing his dreams.

Lane learned many valuable lessons from his high school career to his time in the NFL. From being a full time student to being a full time football player, Lane has learned the importance of preparation on the field and in the classroom.

“You have to prepare for a football game and in college you have to prepare for midterm exams,” said Lane.

Lane also understands the importance of school in a student athlete’s success.

“Education is the most important thing for a student athlete. Period,” said Lane.

Lane knows what it takes to succeed and wants to help other kids succeed as well. Recently, Lane established The Lane of Hope Foundation to help kids learn necessary skills to thrive in the classroom and in life after school.

“I am going to try to give every kid the resources to do what they want to do,” said Lane.

Lane hopes that he can use his experiences to teach and help kids through their academic careers.

When discussing social media, Lane acknowledges that it aids student athletes in getting noticed. However, Lane also acknowledges posting the wrong things can cause unnecessary trouble.

“If it’s not a good cause, don’t use [social media],” said Lane. “You have to be real careful with it.”

When student athletes advance to the college and professional levels, the pressure to have a clean reputation increases.

“As a pro-athlete, people know who you are. You have to put yourself in check everywhere you go,” said Lane.

Lane has learned a lot over the years and if he could say anything to his high school self, it would be to “attack your goal”.

Written by: Carlee Hebert



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