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Spring Football at Kingwood High School

For most, the 2015 Kingwood Mustangs football season begins August 27, the date they face off against the Katy Tigers. To the Kingwood coaches and players, the 2015 season has already begun. The Mustangs opened up their season with their annual spring football practice and spring game this past month. “Spring is always about getting better with our technique and improving the basics,” Kingwood Head Coach Barry Campbell stated. “When it comes down to it, we’re just trying to work on our technique and the basic stuff we’re going to do all year long.”

Coming off a rocky 3-7 season, spring football provides a unique opportunity for the coaching staff to work with all teams (but Freshman) in advance. Coach Campbell and his staff will get a glimpse at the talent and skill level of next year’s varsity team. “There’s some things we know we can do better, we have different personnel, every year is going to be different,” Campbell declared. “You just have to work with the personnel that you’ve got, whether you’ve had a successful year the year before, or not, that’s what we focus on.”

Coach Campbell and his staff are now heading into their 4th year with Kingwood High School, making this 100% their program. Returning many varsity starters on both offense and defense, Kingwood will be stacked with talent once again. “Difference is, this is the 4th spring with this staff and with these kids, they’re more advanced than we normally are in the spring as far as the things we’ve implemented.” Spring football saw some new faces join the varsity ranks. These players are getting a first taste of what football at the varsity level will be like, before next season.

Spring football gives coaches at all levels the chance to focus strictly on varsity and junior varsity as next year’s freshman are still at their respective middle school’s. Spring football lasts just 3 weeks and bringing it to a close is the annual spring game. Divided into two teams earlier in the week, Coach Campbell and his staff disperse talent evenly throughout each team. There are two spring games played; one for varsity and one for junior varsity. The spring game allows the coaches to evaluate players when put in a game situation at the next level, making the decision of varsity or not, easier.

Spring football is essentially fun, yet benefitting, training for players before summer practices start. “It’s been fun, we’ve had great weather, it’s hard not to have a good attitude, the kids have had fun and progressed very well,” Campbell said. Coach Campbell has high hopes for next year’s teams heading into summer practice but there is still a lot of work to be done as the Mustangs prepare for one of the toughest schedules in Houston. Kingwood will look to improve on last year’s record as they try to reach the playoff’s once again.

Written by: Gabe Henderson

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