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Humble Basketball Tradition

Humble, a school that once exceeded an enrollment of over 5,500 students, now only houses roughly 1,500. In the last 10 years Humble High School has drastically reduced in size due to the openings of Atascocita High School (2006) and Summer Creek High School (2009). Humble opened in 1965 and was the only high school in the district until 1979, when Kingwood High School opened its doors. When Kingwood opened, the rivalry between the schools took off and fans loved watching these two foes face off in athletic events. This massive rivalry quickly became one of the best in the state, but this all changed in 2006.

A new school opened along Will Clayton Parkway, a school that was built to accompany a few thousand students in the thriving Atascocita area. Kingwood was quick to develop a bitter rivalry with Atascocita, only 6 miles separate the two schools. Humble began to take a backseat to its new neighbor as their rivalry with Kingwood quickly faded. In 2009, another school opened off Beltway 8 between the communities of Summerwood and Fall Creek: Summer Creek High School. Both Atascocita and Summer Creek continued to grow as years went by, landing them both in District 16-6A in 2014. Humble, with an attendance of 1,500+ students, got stuck in District 21-5A with Kingwood Park, even though no rivalry exists between the two. (Kingwood Park was originally rivals with Summer Creek until SCHS moved up to 6A in 2014).

Students in Humble ISD often hear the things other students say about opposing school’s athletic programs. They always hear about Atascocita, Kingwood Park, Summer Creek, but few hear about Humble. Today’s students seem to forget about Humble’s historic past. What was once the most competitive and successful school in the district now seems to take a backseat to its new counterparts, or so students think.

When Texan Live broadcasted Humble’s 3rd round playoff game against Beaumont Central, there was excitement in the air, but not for the reason most would expect. People had heard a lot about Central and how good the team was: the perfect combination of size and speed, which is enough to excite any basketball fan. When arriving at the game we set up and were approached by the Athletic Director of Goose Creek ISD. He asked if we would like a table to set up our camera and such court side because he believed it would be a full house. This came as a shock.

Tip-off inched closer and every minute more people seemed to pile into the gym. The view across the floor saw only maroon and grey; the sight in the stands behind was unexpected to say the least. A turn of the head and to the surprise of many, hundreds of Humble students, fans, parents, and alumni packed the stands, all sporting their purple and white. Humble fell behind early and never caught up, trailing the whole game and losing by a final score of 79-44. The Wildcats season came to an end but despite never having a lead in the game, the Humble fans stayed until the final buzzer and matched the sound of the opposing fans.

At the end of the night, the Wildcats had nothing to hang their heads about. The team finished the season a quiet 31-6, their most successful record in recent years. Although most of the students in Humble ISD view Humble High School as the school that’s “just there,” that is not the case. Humble has tradition like no other, it is opinions like the ones that students have today that drive the Humble athletic teams and unify the students. The tradition of Wildcat Basketball has not gone away since 2006, nor has it declined. This article was written to not only congratulate the Wildcat Basketball team on their magnificent season, but to recognize this school’s relevance in the district. The Humble Wildcats athletes, students, and alumni take pride in their school, despite the opinions of others.

Written By: Gabe Henderson

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