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2015 Humble ISD Golf Classic

The 2015 Humble ISD Golf Classic is holding its 6th annual event on Monday, February 16, 2015 at the Clubs of Kingwood and Deerwood Country Club. It is an event to help raise money for the golf program at all of the Humble ISD schools. The parents and the coaches of Kingwood, Kingwood Park, Atascocita, and Summer Creek High Schools gathered and realized that the more people involved in the project the better. “We’ve got a lot more hands and a lot more contacts. It’s been very beneficial,” tournament coordinator Beth Davis said. An executive committee with a representative from each of the schools contributes to organizing the event. The tournament has become so big that simply one person couldn’t handle it. “It takes an army, and we have an army,” Davis joked.

The golf players in Humble ISD have a predicament: they need an actual course to practice on, and you can’t just find those anywhere. Thus, course fees are imperative to their improvement. “It’s not like you have a home course in your backyard, so a lot of money is involved in it,” Davis stated. The school district has made some cutbacks over the years due to a lack of educational funds in the school system. “We took this on to make sure the golf programs survived,” Davis said. She says that the golf program at Humble ISD is fairly self-funded now and the tournament has risen to a point where it is the highlight of the community for golf tournaments. Over 100 volunteers will lend their time to the tournament and this includes the kids involved with the golf programs in Humble ISD. The sponsorship of the tournament has grown so much that the program could raise upwards of $80,000 this year, which would cover the travel expenses, course fees, and uniforms amongst other fees.

The tournament will feature 508 total participants over the 3 courses at Kingwood and the one course at Deerwood. At Deerwood, it is more of a corporate atmosphere with amenities there that the Kingwood courses will not have. Though the fee at Deerwood is $100 more per player at $200 a piece due to the extra accommodations. Goody bags are given out to every participant with items such as coupons from Top Golf, Core Power, and Whataburger. Various bags are given away as well. Davis says that the silent auction and raffle tickets have become very popular. The Houston Astros have also donated autographed balls and suite tickets. The Houston Rockets donated suite tickets as well. Kona Ice will be on hand to provide snow cones, Top Golf will have their truck present, and Chick-Fil-A is sending their cow mascots over. “It’s really neat how people have gotten behind us and said…hey we want to be a part of this,” Davis said. Chick-Fil-A is providing breakfast and lunch at Kingwood and Italiano’s is providing the lunch at Deerwood. ROTC programs and the Choirs will be on hand to perform the National Anthem.

Some other items include the hole-in-one carts, in which you win the featured golf cart if you shoot a hole-in-one. Texan Drive donated two hole-in-one carts for the event. The Charity Golf International Professional Long Drivers come to both Kingwood and Deerwood and it’s named after the main supporter of the golf program Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo for his efforts of achieving Region III Superintendent of the Year honors. Josh Crews and some more of the CGIPLD will be on the par 5 and are available to use their drive counted towards your own. They’ve been known to drive upwards of 400-500 yards per drive. The year before when they participated in the event they hadn’t even made the trip back to Florida before calling the executive committee and saying they wanted to be back next year. “It makes us feel good that we’re doing something right that we’re providing a day of fun and opportunity for people to just get out and enjoy it. When we have people calling back saying they want to do it again, you know you’re doing something right,” Davis said.

Worth Mentioning: Two golf players on the active roster in Humble ISD tragically passed away during season over the past couple of years. In honor of the fallen golfers a memorial scholarship was formed in their honor, a process by which seniors write an essay about the character of the two boys. The family picks which essay best represents their boys, telling the committee the number of the anonymous essay and revealing the winner at the awards banquet. This year there will be two recipients.

Written by Mark M. Johnson

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