Giving Back To Those In Need

Friday night, Texan Live will be covering the semifinal game between Edna and Cameron Yoe LIVE at the Berry Center in Cypress, Texas. While it is an exciting moment for any team to make it this far in the post season, tragedy struck the Edna community on November 25th, and left them disheartened.

The morning of the 25th, Edna’s football team lost a teammate in a house fire. Fifteen-year-old Noah Ortiz passed in the fire, along with siblings: Nicholas, 13, Julian, 9, Areyanah, 6, and Lilyana, 5. Ortiz’s mother and youngest sibling (3 years old) was rescued by the kid’s father, Johnny Hernandez Jr. All three survived the fire. The Ortiz/Hernandez family lost five children and their home that dreadful morning.

After the fire, the Cowboys went on to defeat Ingram Moore, 50-28, and Halletsville, 28-21, in the post season.

While nothing can bring the children back or ease the pain, Texan Live would like to donate to the Ortiz/Hernandez family in their time of need. 100% of sponsorships for this game will be donated to the family. Individuals may also choose to make a donation if they wish to do so. A check will be presented to the family at the game this Friday night.

To donate, please click below:

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